Enemies! MUSIC! Impressive NYC in Ohio

GREAT night of music at Rumba Cafe last night here in Columbus.

Enemies! headlined (<—link is a free EP download. DO IT!). They’re a new incarnation of the collective of great, formerly-Ohioans-now-New-Yorkers making up various versions of musical greatness. Three of my good friends from Ohio are in this band. They were awesome. I used to play in a band with the main singer of Enemies!; still is one of the best musical endeavors of which I’ve been a part. And their bass player is one of my best friends in the world. I’m happy (for him) and sad (for me) that he lives in NYC now. So good to hear these guys. They never disappoint. 

And, goodness gracious, MIND=BLOWN from the opening band Taurus, led by Minnesotan Chris Morrissey (there’s that Minnesota thing again…), bassist extraordinaire, and apparently brilliant songwriter, singer and bandleader. They were UN-REAL! Check out some YouTubes of them here, here and here. And watch the rest of the related ones, too. All of them. 

Harper Blynn played, as well. Here’s a video of them playing a Beyonce cover. Great band. Check out their stuff.

What a pure joy it is to hear great, great live music being played. Inspiring!

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